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Since November we devoted ourselves and our personal resources to the creation of Greening The Camps. Establishing awareness about the topics descibed on our website and connecting with like-minded people in Jordan has encouraged us to start exploring the next phase. Within the next 6 months our goal is to implement the urban farming project in Jerash Refugee Camp. Working together with displaced families that have little to no extra resources, we are aware of the need to source new funding in order to both achieve our goals and assure the sustainability of the project. Crowdfunding allows us to directly implement our ideas into a successful practice, whilst providing us the freedom to implement our vision according to our experience, our beliefs and our best knowledge. With the collected funds we seek to reimburse our pilot project in Amman and cover the costs of two rooftop gardens in Gaza Camp. Despite our ambition to use as much recycled material as possible, we are aware of limited resources in the campsite. That’s the reason why we will still face expenses for fixing material (screws, nails, binding wire), organic seeds and bigger investments such as sun boilers, water tanks and rainwater harvesting installations. Especially the water scarcity forces us to calculate a financial buffer to outbalance a certain period of drought. Our teamwork and our belief in the philosophy and purpose of this project and its potential and ability to change the mindset of a society is our fuel to make it a success. We warmly welcome you to be part of this.

Crowdfunding campaign August 22 – September 23 2017


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