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What is new?


Baladi Collective

Tuesday August 30

Since the pandemic brought our activities to a halt in 2020, our team has focused on learning and specialising in permaculture design, landscape design, website development, visual storytelling, illustration, social design and human-centred design, regenerative agriculture and agroforestry, bio-intensive vegetable production, and facilitating and teaching. We expanded our network and made great friendships along the way. Our co-founders Evi and Machiel set up a design studio with a group of other creatives, called Baladi Collective (more on Baladi here). We envision staying true to our origins with Greening the Camps, while exploring new fields of design with Baladi. Behind the scenes, we’re preparing new projects in Jordan and will be back with more updates in autumn! 

Agritecture Logo


Tuesday October 27

“In 2017, a collective of young designers, crafters, plant lovers and social activists found themselves in Amman, Jordan. “We had little to no experience in urban farming but our passion for urban design, human settlements, and public and private green spaces drove us forward,” says Evi Hellebaut, Co-founder & designer at Greening the Camps.



The impact of resilient farming on communities motivates Greening the Camps every day, making them aware of the urgency and possibilities that lay within the scope of urban agriculture.”


logo A minute marvel

A Minute Marvel

Friday April 29

Minute 116 – Machiel Van Nieuwenhove


logo topos magazine


July 12 2018

“More and more flourishing rooftop farms are turning up in cities all around the world. They also can be found in densely populated Palestinian refugee camps in the Middle East. But they are more than a means of urban food production. Locally, they add to the actionability of local communities. Globally, they react to climate change as a universal challenge”
Read the full article on toposmagazine.com!


analoog camp


Friday November 29

Stage lopen in een vluchtelingenkamp :Ontwikkelingshulp of educational tourist?


(dutch only)


“Van Nieuwenhove getuigt: ‘Ik ontdekte dat er in andere vluchtelingenkampen een aantal organisaties daktuinen hadden gebouwd. Ik zag dat als een interessante onderneming. Vorig jaar ben ik dan mensen bij elkaar beginnen zoeken die bezig waren met ontwikkelingssamenwerking, landbouw en groene technologie. Zo hebben we een team opgesteld en dan zijn we in januari begonnen met pilootprojecten in downtown Amman. We zijn ondertussen geregistreerd in België als vzw. Het idee is om daktuinen te bouwen in Palestijnse kampen en Amman en overwegend met gerecycleerd materiaal te werken. Ondertussen zijn de installaties voor een eerste project in het kamp klaar. Het is nog even wachten op structurele ingrepen in het gebouw in kwestie voor we een serre kunnen bouwen en de installaties operatief zijn.”


Machiel Van Nieuwenhove deelde zijn ervaringen met Veto




Tuesday November 7th

GOLF came to visit our rooftop garden in September. Read about their impressions of Jordan and the project on Noisey.

End Crowdfunding

Monday October 30



We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our campaign! We are overwhelmed and grateful by the amount of support you showed us through these last two months. With the raised amount, €11,575 by 122 amazing people, we will be able to work in the camp for a couple of months. We are really excited to tell you that the team and our volunteers started working on the project for a vocational training center in Jerash Camp. You can find us from Sunday November 12th in the camp.


Please follow our social media channels to stay up to date about the progress and our upcoming projects.


Much Love,

Team Greening The Camps





Monday October 30

“Mensen van goede wil: Evi Hellebaut en Machiel Van Nieuwenhove.”


(Dutch only)


“We specialiseren ons in urban farming: op de betonnen daken van het kamp willen we groenten en fruit kweken in grote kisten, in serres en onder luifels die voor schaduw zorgen. Zo pikken we ook in op het cultureel erfgoed van de Palestijnen. De ouders en grootouders van onze Palestijnse leeftijdsgenoten uit Gaza Camp bewerkten ooit het land.”


Wij spraken met Humo over Greening The Camps, lees het volledige artikel gratis op de site.

Arab Weekly

Sunday October 22

“Greening the Camps brings food and hope to refugees.”


The project helps refugees gain a sustainable livelihood by growing their own vegetables on rooftops.


“A group of self-motivated young people have em­barked on a unique ven­ture to design, develop, build and maintain roof­top gardens in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. It is expected that the gardens would enable residents to grow vegetables and reconnect with their heritage of farming.”


“Greening the Camps, a non-profit organisation, is led by foreign and local volunteers from different backgrounds who share a passion for the environment and making the world a better place.”


Head over to their site and read the full article!


Jordan Times

Thursday September 21

“Planting the seeds of hope: Local NGO creates rooftop gardens in Palestinian camps.”


“Helping refugees to gain a truly sustainable livelihood was the idea behind Greening the Camps, which aims to reconnect displaced communities with food production from urban agricultural practices all the while enhancing local empowerment and economic development.”


We got featured by the Jordan Times today! Please head over to their site or find us in your newspaper.


Gazet van Antwerpen

Monday September 18

Gazet van Antwerpen: “Daktuinen voor vluchtelingen”.


(Dutch only)


“Het tekort aan groene open ruimte heeft er samen met waterschaarste toe geleid dat de Palestijnse bevolking de band met haar landbouwtradities is kwijtgeraakt’, legt Evi Hellebaut uit. ‘De daktuinen die in samenwerking met Palestijnse gezinnen worden ontworpen en gebouwd, kunnen uitgroeien tot een extra bron van inkomsten en voedsel. Daarnaast kunnen ze een toevluchtsoord worden voor rust en ontspanning in een betonnen omgeving. Greening The Camps helpt ook bij de emancipatie van vrouwen en jongeren, die veel interesse tonen. Niet alleen de leefomgeving wordt verbeterd, de daktuinen sensibiliseren de vluchtelingen ook voor klimaat- en waterproblemen en gezonde voeding.”


Enkele weken geleden sprak Evi Hellebaut over Greening The Camps en de crowdfunding campagne. Je kan het volledige artikel lezen via deze link. (Dit artikel verscheen ook op De Standaard)



Cooking Class

Saturday September 9th

Join us for a healthy and delicious cooking class that we are hosting at Jadal for Knowledge and Culture.


We will cook the most amazing food and try to inspire you to start your own urban garden by using homegrown crops and herbs.


We will explain the principles behind the way of cooking and will demonstrate how to cook 3 different dishes that are delicious, nutritious and that everybody can easily prepare at home. On the menu: Zucchini noodles with basil pesto, Fattet batinjan, Cocao and Zucchini Cake.
It will be small groups, to make sure we can focus on those one-on-one sessions, and many hands on practices.
At the end of the class you will get a taste from all the dishes that were prepared.


Food will be shared, and friendships will be made. It’s going to be an amazing afternoon!
Come join us and help Greening The Camps grow!


Only a limited number of spots available… don’t miss out!


Pro-tip: come hungry



For reservations, please contact us at info@greeningthecamps.com or through a message on facebook


Cost: 15JD

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