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With us!
Why does Greening the Camps need Volunteers?


Our project is entirely run by volunteers and their passion for greening the planet. By bringing people from different parts of the world together, we aim not only to link people with similar mindsets within the community, but also to strengthen the exchange between volunteers and camp inhabitants. This creates the opportunity to develop a mutual relationship that is based on sharing knowledge and critical and creative thinking. Volunteers enrich the project with personal experience and endless enthusiasm. Above all they help us raise environmental awareness.

Are you interested in joining the team?


Investing your time to learn new skills and share your personal knowledge is a perfect way to contribute to others and your own well-being. We don’t claim to be experts in every field. That’s why every work is a process of exploring talents and creativity.

How to become a Green Camper?
Enthusiasm is key
A 'green thumb' is a plus
Humour makes hard work easy
Challenging yourself and others should not scare you
Be open minded about Jordan and its unique culture
Willing to learn new skills and to share your experience

Think out of the box. Give 475 %! Send us a message and become part of our story. Until then, stay GREEN.
* Please note we are currently not accepting new volunteers.