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Evi Hellebaut

Co-Founder, Designer & Media Manager


27, Belgium, Architect and Warm-Hearted Soul


Reborn as Daisy

This project creates a necessary awareness about the poor conditions in the region. Working actively together with a community on topics that are dear to me is a very enriching experience. Positively improving women’s and youth’s self esteem by creating a green open space where they can develop themselves, building on a more sustainable way of living and creatively working together on a greener environment and a healthier diet are challenging but rewarding.

Machiel van Nieuwenhove

Co-Founder, Creative Manager & Designer


27, Belgium, Architect and Designer


Reborn as Mulberry tree

Greening the camps is an idea that got out of control. It is a dream that has become practice. It is a realisation of theory and research by design. Imagined by the brains and built by the hands of many volunteers, this incremental project carries a tangible vision for a green and common future of plenty for all.

Marwa Ershaidat

Project Manager


30, Jordan / Turkey / France, Mama Bear and Feminist


Reborn as Almond Flower

The project is necessary for our physical and mental health, but also for our survival. It’s part of a long-term vision of the future that we can embrace. The environment is as much a priority as political issues and conflicts in the region. Plants are alive, like us, and we need to take care of them like we take care of ourselves and each other. “Don’t forget to drink water and get some sun because you’re basically a plant with more complicated emotions”.

Yazan Abozaineddin

Field Coordinator & Carpenter


22, Jordan, Handicraftsman



Reborn as Walnut Tree

This project is pushing me one step away from a system that is destroying our beautiful earth. And moving forward to push this system away from it.

Murad Salameh

Agricultural Specialist & Designer


27, Jordan, Architect



Reborn as Oak Tree

Greening the Camps is a magical journey with other living things, a journey of survival and change.

Joric Docters van Leeuwen



28, Netherlands, Adventurer and Viking


Reborn as European searocket

What is really important for me in this project is awareness. By building the first garden in Amman we were able to attract a lot of volunteers, who were in Jordan just to spend their holiday. Some of them also joined us to Jerash Camp, and some of them decided to come back after their holiday to volunteer for longer periods. To see people whose first priority was having a good time during their holiday give up some time to help us build these green spaces and opening themselves up to learn more about people’s situations in the camp has been an amazing motivator for me in this project.

Kristina Kaghdo



30, Syria / Lithuania, Jadal Team Member



Reborn as Magnolia Tree

“Earth doesn’t belong to us, we belong to Earth.”

Reem Kiwan

Project Officer


22, Palestine, Student



Reborn as Blue Jasmine

This project provides open work space for many people and it made me passionate about plants because of its simplicity in creating a useful green space.

Jule Elsäßer

Architectural Intern


21, Germany, Goofball



Reborn as Lotus Flower

Greening the camps is from people for people. Awesome people from all over the world come together and move rocks to bring greenery into concrete jungles, to give people an opportunity and happiness. Back to the roots, plant your own food and you’ll know what matters in life: healthy plant, healthy you.

Fadi Amireh

Founder Jadal 


36, Jordan, Founder of Jadal



Reborn as Marijuana Plant

This project is a revolution. It’s one of the effective ways to overcome capitalism, become producers instead of consumers, live green and healthy.

Greta Aigner

Content Creator


23, Germany, Student and Wordplay Addict



Reborn as Magnolia Tree

I fell in love with the project, because it succeeds in reviving the cultivation of own crops while combining ordinary methods with modern forms of urban agriculture and reusing material that people consider as garbage. The full engagement of the community makes this project unique. Accompanying families from the construction of the garden over harvesting the first vegetables to finally cooking delicious recipes creates space where volunteers and inhabitants meet on equal footing to share knowledge and experience.

Laurenz Vanbekbergen

Intern Sustainable Development


23, Belgium,Education Generalist & Traveler



Reborn as African Savannah Tree

When I first read about the project I was immediately motivated. At that time I was searching for an internship within the context of sustainable development and this project seemed perfect. Machiel, Joric and Evi seem like friendly and motivated entrepreneurs and I could immediately start working. A healthy workplace where there’s room for creativity.


Farah Abdel Jawas – Volunteer
Rana Abdel-Hamid – Volunteer
Aisha Alseddiq – Volunteer
Nada Atieh – Volunteer 
Malek J. Al-Raggad – Volunteer  
Diana Al-Zubi – Volunteer 
Dina Amro – Volunteer
Pavel Borecky – Volunteer 
Tayler Bunchan – Volunteer
Sky Emerald – Architectural Intern
Martina Fabris – Architectural Intern 
Ala’a Khoury – Sandmaster
Hannes Hellebaut – Volunteer
Kelly Heuten – Volunteer 
Gina Hu – Volunteer
Anne Katrine Jensen – Volunteer 
Michael Kegyes – Volunteer 
Sophy Levy – Grant Writer
Tatiana Meijer-Lippert – Volunteer
Zayd Mseis – Volunteer 
Anas Mubaideen – Video-editor
Geronimo Ominoreg – Volunteer 
Christina Pianca – Volunteer

Tina Pinxten – Volunteer 
Christian Promberger – Volunteer 
Lennert Rasking – Volunteer 
Mariam Rukundo – Volunteer
Waleed Sheikh Yassin – Volunteer
Lipace Su – Volunteer
Saif Yousif – Jadal Team
Omar Tarefi – Volunteer 
Lennart Van Nieuwenhove – Volunteer
Emmanuel Van Oost – Volunteer
Mohammed Zakaria – Camera Operator